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The Camping Uit en Thuis Wifi Network is intended for recreational internet use (surfing, mailing).
It is not allowed to download or share large files like mp3 or movies with other Internet users. Also watching online TV and streaming is not allowed.
The speed of the Camping Uit en Thuis Wifi Network depends on the number of users.

Use of the Camping Uit en Thuis Wifi Network is at your own risk.
All access to the internet and e-mail is via a firewall. To prevent abuse, access is registered.
For email, use your home provider's webmail or your server's SMTP server with authentication (login).
You can login with up to one laptop, smartphone or tablet at one time with this login.
On our camping we have a private WIFI signal.
The WIFI is not like as you got at home.
You can buy a WIFI code at the front desk.

How does it work?
1 You go to the settings of your device.
2 There you are searching for WIFI networks to: CampingUitenThuis
3 Connect and you will receive the login screen for you.
If there is no login page after connecting to the WIFI network;
Then open your internet brower and type at
4 Enter your password and username (note: these are case sensitive).



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